Collaborative research on early detection of colorectal cancer unveiled at AGBT

Created on:
February 28, 2020

AccuraGen unveiled its result of the collaborative research on the early detection of colorectal cancer at AGBT this year. The study was undertaken by Shanghai Yunsheng Medical Laboratory (fully owned subsidiary of AccuraGen Holdings), and was carried out for many years in cooperation with the team led by Dr ZhiqianHu, director of anorectal surgery, Shanghai Changzheng Hospital. The results were displayed by poster presentation, mainly focusing on somatic mutations and fragmentomic information in circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA), both of which can beused for early detection of colorectal cancer. The biomarkers were evaluated by a unique amplicon-based NGS method (CLAmp-seq).


This research deploys a highly efficient single-strand DNA (ssDNA) sequencing technology (CLAmp-seq), which combines rolling cycle amplification of circularized cfDNA molecules with concatemer based error correction. This research analyzes mutation and fragmentation information with>1,000 healthy control and colorectal cancer cohort. While somatic mutation is always used to infer the identity of tumor-derived circulating DNA, fragment information from cfDNA molecule is recently explored to increase the sensitivity of cancer detection when mutation information is not available.

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