Several Experts Highly Recognized AccuraGen's Scientific Research

Created on:
September 18, 2020

On September 17, AccuraGen Holdings and MGI Group jointly held an online roundtalk, inviting experts in clinical, pathology, laboratory medicine, industry, scientific research and other fields to focus on early cancer detection and diagnosis based on the next-generation sequencing (NGS). The experts all highly recognized AccuraGen's scientific work on early cancer detection.


Our roundtable participants:

Prof. Minghua Zhu

Chairman, China Non-public Medical Association Pathology Sub Committee


Prof. Xiaodong Cheng

Vice president, Women's Hospital, School of Medicine, Zhejiang University


Prof. Heping Hu

Director, Department I of Hepatobiliary,Eastern Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital, Second Military Medical University


Prof. Jiatao Lou

Director, Department of Laboratory Medicine, Shanghai Chest Hospital


Dr. Kang Ying

Founder, CEO, AccuraGen Holdings


Today, most cancers are detected when they cause symptoms that lead to medical evaluation. Unfortunately, majority cases in this situation are diagnosed as locally invasive or already metastatic cancers and hence lost the opportunity of  surgical resection. Current recommended screenings are crucial, but they cover only four cancers and screen for a single cancer at a time. In fact, cancers responsible for nearly 71% of cancer deaths have no recommended early detection screening.


Over the last six years, AccuraGen’s talented team has made exceptional progress in developing the technology and clinical data required to launch the multi-cancer screening test. AccuraGen has developed CLAmp-seq technology to detect multiple cancer signals in the blood and to analyze the data with machine-learning algorithm, enabling multi-cancer early detection tests.


‘After cooperating with AccuraGen,’ said Prof. Hu, ‘I really appreciate the professionalism and sense of social responsibility of AccuraGen.’


‘In the field of cancer detection,’ said Prof. Zhu, ‘AccuraGen is comparable to top research institutions worldwide.’


‘As far as I know’ Prof. Lou commented, ‘CLAmp-seq, developed exclusively by AccuraGen, provides high cancer detection rates and low false-positive results.’


‘Ovaries are situated deep in the abdominal cavity. There's no routine screening method for ovarian cancer.’ Prof. Cheng reviewed, ‘The collaboration between our hospital and AccuraGen represents a novel approach to taking on the challenge. Our joint clinical validation study is selected as a provincial project by Zhejiang Province. I am expecting further research results.’

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