Shanghai Yunsheng Medical Laboratory joined the Inclusive Medical Association

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May 14, 2018

The launching meeting of the platform of the Consortium of Experimental Medical Sciences for Women and Children's Health (Inclusive Medical Association) was held in Shanghai on May 9. The Shanghai Yunsheng Medical Laboratory (fully owned subsidiary of AccuraGen Holdings) participated, as the initiator, in the Inclusive Medical Association as the first batch of members and planned to promote early screening and early diagnosis of breast and ovarian cancer with leading molecular diagnostic techniques. Dr. Kang Ying, Chairman and CEO of AccuraGen,is the first director of the Inclusive Medical Association.


What is "Inclusive Medical Association"?

As the first inter-regional consortium with independent medical laboratories as its main body, the Inclusive Medical Association is a concrete practice and exploration of the State Council's guidance on promoting the construction and development of the medical consortium in the field of experimental medicine.

Wenkang Zhang, the former Minister of Health and the lifelong honorary president of China Maternal and Child Health Association, and representatives of four sponsoring agencies unveiled the "Inclusive Medical Association ".

Inclusive Medical Association is sponsored and organized by the Zhujian Medical Ltd. With the strong support of provincial clinical laboratory centers in Hainan, Shanghai, Beijing and other cities, the first batch of participants include four independent medical laboratories: Hainan Zhujian Cell Molecular Genetic Medical Laboratory, Shanghai Yunsheng Medical Laboratory,Shanghai Yirui Medical Laboratory, Beijing Guanghe Epigenetic Medical Laboratory. They have their own advantages and characteristics in genetic disease detection, neonatal cardiovascular disease and tumor gene detection in women. 

What will "Inclusive Medical Association"do?

The name of Inclusive Medical Association medical Confederation expresses its aim and mission: "Care for women and children, benefit the masses". In accordance with the "Health China 2030 ProgramOutline" and the healthy development strategy of China, the medical association will focus on birth defects prevention and control around the whole life cycle of maternal and child health, and provide technical support for the whole industry covering women's perinatal period, puerperal and neonatal growth and development.

China is one of the countries with high incidence of birth defects.The total incidence of birth defects is about 5.6%, and the situation is complicated. For congenital birth defects, early screening and early detection is the best way to prevent and cure birth defects. Advanced technologies in the field of experimental medicine, such as molecular diagnosis, will be pooled and selected on the cross-regional experimental medicine platform of the InclusiveMedical Association, and will be introduced into the clinical services of birth defect prevention and control ,as well as maternal and child health care. The first batch of imports included diagnostic, screening and interruption technologies for some high-risk birth defects, and the platform will be fully opened to the relevant advanced technologies of the industry in the future.

One of the sponsors, Dr Kang Ying, Chairman and CEO of AccuraGen,said that the service of the Medical Association includes both the general public and medical institutions. The future service model will be more diversified according to the characteristics and compliance of the project products. He also disclosed that the Inclusive Medical Association would join some funds to include projects that could not be included in the health insurance fund to effectively solve the problem of screening and treatment of people with financial difficulties.

At the same time, the Inclusive Medical Association will seek the same-minded people all over the country, welcome the colleagues with technical characteristics and geographical representation to join the Medical Association,tilt to the grass-roots level, join hands in innovation with the purpose of increasing supply, strengthen the ability to transform new technology into appropriate technology and radiation, and support business development of China's maternal and child health care system.


How will Shanghai Yunsheng medical laboratory contribute to the Inclusive Medical Association?

Shanghai Yunsheng Medical Laboratory has been developing high-throughput gene sequencing technology and its application in cancer precision treatment for many years. In the future, the accumulated experience and sample data will be used to help women avoid the enormous harm of breast and ovarian cancer. BRCA1/2, a tumor susceptibility gene, will be detected and find the people with high-risk in breast and ovarian cancer, then followed 16tumor-related genes and 8 tumor-specific proteins detection by CancerSEEK, all liquid biopsy technique combined with ctDNA and tumor markers that in order to achieve early screening and diagnosis of the two cancers. At present, Shanghai Yunsheng has proved the clinical value of this model. In the process of testing services, a data platform will be established to explore a feasible new way to achieve the primary prevention of the two cancers. In order to fulfill social responsibility, Shanghai Yunsheng will take the lead in launching the public welfare project, Blockade of Spinal Muscle Atrophy, in Hongkou District and will cover Shanghai and the whole country in future.


After joining the medical confederation, how will AccuraGen Holdings and Shanghai Yunsheng layout to develop?

With the help of the national medical laboratory support platform, Inclusive Medical Association strives to create an innovative experimental medicine system that integrates resource sharing, scientific research and clinical application of new technologies.

Shanghai Yunsheng will further explore the application of tumor gene high-throughput sequencing technology in the field of maternal and child health, relying on the platform of close integration of medicine, enterprise and research. At present, the Medical Association has a leading team of scientists and two academicians' workstations, including the U.S. R&D headquarters of AccuraGen. Shanghai Yunsheng will participate in the establishment of the internal training mechanism of the Medical Association,and constantly upgrade the overall level of talent and scientific research of its member units, including Shanghai Yunsheng. Shanghai Yunsheng will also use the unified sample database and database of the Medical Association to carryout scientific research and product technology research and development;provide more comprehensive, authoritative and clinically instructive results for the patients through the collaborative mechanism of resource sharing,result mutual recognition, report intercommunication, data sharing and the flow of medical practitioners and technicians within the Medical Association. In order to take the two cancer screening as the breakthrough point, the high-throughput sequencing technology of tumor gene could be applied and transformed comprehensively, and the development of tumor precision medicine could be promoted.

The launch meeting was highly valued and fully supported by the China Maternal and Child Health Association and provincial clinical laboratory centers. Zhang Wenkang, former Minister of Health, lifelong honorary president of China Maternal and Child Health Association, and leader of the projectIntervention Research on Women's Perinatal Health and Birth Defects in China congratulated and delivered a speech. Ziquan Chen, president of the China Maternal and ChildHealth Association, and Xiaoqian Yu, executive vice-president and secretary-general of the China Maternal and Child Health Association attended the meeting.

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